Benevolence Committee

The Benevolence Committee is primarily responsible for studying the needs of church families and other persons in the community to which the Church ministers. They also need to formulate a plan for meeting those needs. Following are duties for the benevolence committee: 1. The Benevolence Committee should establish the amount of and frequency of assistance to individuals or families to be provided by the Church. 2. The committee should locate church members and community persons who can provide appropriate assistance.”The committee can use surveys, conduct interviews, ask for help from church members, and consult other resource persons in the community to discover needs. 3. Work with other groups in the church that provide benevolent actions.”These groups may include Sunday School, Woman's Missionary Union, or deacon family ministry groups. The benevolence committee may serve as a coordinating group for all these groups. 4. Survey and determine available community agencies. Many communities have agencies that provide assistance. Sometimes a church cannot provide the king of help persons need, but they can refer them to appropriate agencies. This committee should have a list of these agencies. The list should also include the type of services available, the address, phone number, and contact persons. 5. Recommend budget requests for monies needed for ministering to people. At budget planning time the committee should make its request to the church for monies. In some churches benevolence money comes from love offerings. 6. Investigate and administer benevolence resources as needed. When requests come to the church for help and are referred to the benevolence committee, the committee should investigate and administer resources when necessary. The policy should be observed that no money be given directly to the individual(s). 7. Make reports to the church. Periodically the benevolence committee should report the type of services provided, the results of the benevolence work, and the amount of expenditures. A record should be kept of services provided. One church uses a card to record the name of a person to whom assistance is provided, the social security number of the person aided, and the type and amount of assistance provided.