Nominating Committee

NOMINATING COMMITTEE The nominating committee coordinates the staffing of all church leadership positions to be filled with volunteer workers. Nominated individuals for positions involving ministry to those under 18 years of age must first complete the Child Protection Policy Training. No individual may be nominated for work with our committees or ministries involving children under 18 without the proper screening. The nominating committee shall first approve persons considered for any such positions before they are approached for recruitment. The nominating committee shall present to the Church for election all that accept the invitation to serve.

1. Committee members will rotate the responsibility of being the nursery coordinator for the month.

2. It is the coordinator's responsibility to work in cooperation with the Children's Minister Director to assure quality care for the children entrusted to GBC during worship services.

3. He/She should report to the nursery at 10:15 to assist the transition between Sunday School and church service.

4. Assist in receiving children attending worship service only.

5. Maske sure the assigned workers are in place, find substitutes or cover the room yourself.

6. When all workers are in place, he/she carries beeper #1 into the worship service in the event of an emergency.

7. IN the event that the assigned coordinator cannot attend services that day arrange for another committee member to cover the responsibility.