Nursery Committee

The purpose of the Nursery committee is to coordinate nursery criteria for all activities and ministries of the various church organizations and functions as needed. Members of the nursery committee should be selected by the church Nominating Committee and should be elected by the Church. All members must have completed the Child Protection Policy Training and submitted the appropriate paperwork. The committee is also responsible for making sure all volunteers have completed the Child Protection Policy Training before serving in any role with our preschoolers. Duties of the Nursery Committee include:

1. Recommend and publicize nursery policies and procedures.

2. Recommend the purchase of all supplies.

3. Coordinate space assigned to preschool work.

4. Select, train, schedule and supervise volunteer nursery workers. (See Child Protection Policy)

5. Arrange for substitute workers if scheduled workers are unable to work.

6. Enlist paid nursery workers for special functions (revival doctrine 5tudy, etc) as requested.

7. Purchase normal supplies as directed by Pre-School Sunday School teachers (diapers, snacks, tissue etc).

8. Wash linens and disinfect toys.

9. Communicate regularly with the Church Council.