Youth Committee

The youth committee will consist of 5 adults who are recommended by the nominating committee and youth minister, who accept the invitation to serve and are approved by the church. All members must have completed the Child Protection Policy Training and submitted the appropriate paperwork. The committee is also responsible for making sure all volunteers have completed the Child Protection Policy Training before serving in any role with our preschoolers. Their responsibilities will include: 1. Work with the youth minister to plan and implement youth ministries and events. 2. Be involved in the lives of the students by attending these ministry and event opportunities. 3. Approve any changes to the scheduled activities. 4. Assist youth minister in annual budget planning prior to submission to the finance committee. 5. Approve any changes to line items budgeted. 6. Make suggestions to the personnel committee concerning the job description of the youth minister in order to keep it updated. 7. Work with search, personnel, and finance committees in the selection of a youth minister when the need arises. 8. Act as a liaison between the youth minister and the parents of the youth. 9. Help in the recruitment of volunteers for youth ministries and events. 10. Assign a chairperson to attend church council meetings to report on youth ministry as needed.