Van Committee

The van committee shall be made up of 3 members of Gloster Baptist Church with one member rotating off/on each year. The committee is required to check all fluid levels, tire wear/pressure, windshield wipers (replace/fill as necessary), and carry vehicle for safety inspection and maintenance as necessary. 1. Any church staff member that is required as part of their duties to drive church bus will be reimbursed the cost of the CDL license process. 2. All drivers for bus and van must be approved by the van committee, and adhere to the child protection policy. 3. Van/Bus used only on intra-church activities for Gloster Baptist Church. 4. Passenger minimum: 16 passenger van-Five or more passengers 5. 20 passenger bus-Ten or more passengers.* *Passenger minimum not required for transport of the physically challenged. 6. Minimum two adults with youth/children (Child Protection Policy). 7. Driver's responsibilities: (Sixteen passenger van or twenty passenger bus) 1. Vehicle locked when parked. 2. Log all mileage and any malfunctions. 3. Clean out after each use. 4. Fuel vehicle anytime the gauge goes under ½ tank when returning to Gloster. 5. Maintain proper license: Sixteen passenger van-chauffeur's license and 25 years old. Twenty passenger bus-CDL with passenger endorsement and 25 years old. 6. Van reserved through the church office with a minimum 72 hour notice.